Six Top Trade Show Exhibits Storage Mistakes

You have already done the hard work – selecting the right trade mxl tv to exhibit in, creating a dramatic trade show booth that tells your company’s story with flair and excitement, and following up with contacting all your A list prospects from the show. You are thrilled with your success and you give yourself a big pat on the back. But wait -there is more to do.

Now that you have designed a booth that is a true winner and extremely valuable to your company’s next show appearance, you will need to protect and preserve it by storing your display in a facility that specializes in the proper storage of trade show exhibits.

It would be a big mistake to put your exhibit at risk by not insuring its security, its luster, and its variety of graphic elements. With that in mind, here’s a list on how to avoid such critical storage mishaps.

Mistake: Storing Your Exhibit On Your Own Don’t try to save money by storing your exhibit on your own. You need to find a professional warehouse with a dedicated person who will thoroughly inspect your exhibit, get repairs done in a timely manner, and handle all your new show requirements quickly and with precision. Find a professional who will refurbish and restore hardware and graphic components to assure long life, protection and readiness for your next show. If you try to cut corners, you will put yourself at risk for missing deadlines, losing parts, and incurring extra trade show booth shipping and storage costs.

Mistake: Erratic Temperature At Storage Facility Find a storage facility that offers ideal temperature control. Maintaining proper heating is important as woods, laminates, and glues will warp in heat. Also, your materials will not hold up well with extreme swings in temperature from hot to cold.

Mistake: Lax Security It is essential to have security 24/7 to insure your assets are protected and locked up properly. Surveillance cameras and sophisticated security systems in place can give you peace of mind by protecting your company assets against unwanted theft.

Mistake: Lack of Proper Insurance Your company is responsible for insuring against flood, fire and damage to your trade show exhibit. Make sure you carry an adequate amount of insurance.

Mistake: Sloppy Inventory Management Look for quality inventory controls. Find a trade show exhibit warehouse that offers state- of- the art inventory tracking. Inquire about an automated web-based service that is available 24/7 online at no extra charge. You will want the ability to seamlessly track and order parts direct from the warehouse. Check to see if this inventory asset management service is included in your warehouse service fee or if there is an additional charge for this important service.

Mistake: Not Previewing Your Trade Show Displays Prior to the Show It is always best to preview your trade show displays exactly as they will appear at the trade show before it is shipped to the show. This staging should be done at a facility that has the right amount of space to adequately preview your exhibit. If you have a 2-story exhibit with a hanging sign above it, you will want to find a professional storage facility with the actual clear height and floor space to stage your exhibit as it will look at the show. If your company is out of the area from your storage facility’s location and it is difficult to travel to the warehouse for the preview, digital photos of your staged exhibit should be readily available for you to preview your exhibit online.

Mistake: Inability to Reach Warehouse Staff In an Emergency If there are last minute changes on your trade show booth shipping and storage needs-and there often are – make sure you can reach your warehouse staff to make these changes. Find a facility with emergency access 24/7 and one that you can reach around the clock to make timely changes. Look for a facility that provides full drayage, shipping and 24-hour tracking, so that you know where your exhibit is at any given time.

By doing your homework and selecting a facility that specializes in trade show exhibits storage that will receive, inspect and secure your trade show booth, you will be able to avoid the sometimes disastrous and always costly trade show booth storage mistakes of trying to do it on your own.

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