What Are the Types of Open Frame Power Supplies?

Open frame power IceRiver KS3L supplies are printed circuit boards used as built-in supplies by system integrators and original equipment manufacturers. They are used in many applications, such as computing, telecommunications, factory automation, networking, storage, testing and measurement and medical industries, where good performance and pricing are important.

Open frame power supplies are specific, rather than universal, and are available in single, dual, triple or quad output modes. They have AC DC 15V 4 DC specifications, and are not completely cased. Hence, they are used in applications that use larger casings, such as DVD players, hi-fi radio systems and other electronic devices.

They can be obtained in standard, modified standard and customized prototypes. The standard ones are available with extra outputs and additional options, such as voltage regulator stabilizer, DC inputs, medical approvals, high voltage switching optional covers and Din Rail accessories.

They are also available in different performance grades, such as general, high performance and medical. Those used for general purposes are used in applications where low cost is the key, such as data communication devices and accessories, copy machines and office machines.

They are also available in different formats, including on-board and surface mount types. Their features include high efficiency, free air convection cooling and full protection. The best ones are small and compact, and adhere to industrial quality and international safety standards.

They can be designed and assembled in smaller areas, and fit into extremely small units, such as robots and radio controlled cars. Depending on the required output, their capacitor size may change; however, there may not be any difference in external power provisions.

With the advancement of technology, smaller and more convenient methods of progression are created and sought after. For instance, a 150 VDC open frame power supply will be in great demand, given its robust energy and high voltage conversion. The key is to create innovative systems that improve our lives significantly.

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