Preparing Your Home for the Movers

So you have finally selected the bharat packers nigdi company that will help you with your relocation. Though they will do the majority of the work, there are still things that fall on the responsibility of the individual that is moving. It is your job to ensure that things are organized and prepared for the movers upon arrival so that the packing and relocation process is as smooth as possible.

Here we will discuss how to prepare your home for the movers so that everything is set and ready to go on moving day.Many movers suggest that any family heirlooms or valuables are transported with the consumer, not the moving company.After all, the people loading the truck may not be the ones that unload it at your destination.

Though you cannot possibly take every breakable item with you, you need to know which need to be left for you and which will go with the moving company. Set aside items that will need special care as well as a separate pile of items that will go with you. Point out the items that need special care to your movers when they arrive and ensure they are packed cautiously.

In the event your are packing your own belongings, it is important that you label these boxes. Be specific about what you have in your boxes and be clear about which boxes contain breakable items. Boxes that will not be going in the moving truck should be labeled “Do Not Take” and set aside in their own pile rather than with everything else. Always label your breakables as “Fragile” to ensure they are handled with care.

Never have your movers take items such as prescriptions or necessary toiletries. A consumer should always pack their own bags for a few nights stay and be prepared to not have access to every box they pack right away. That means any prescriptions you take on a daily basis, medications such as pain killers or anti-acids should all be packed with you, rather than the moving company.

Always be sure to bring a few extra changes of clothes as well as toiletries such as shampoo, soaps and toilet paper. In the event you have larger items that are fragile, you will want to notify your movers ahead of time. Ensure that they use wooden crates and package the items properly so that they can withstand the long ride.

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