Buy Homes In Cyprus – Turn Dreams Into Reality

Whether you want an investment,Buy Homes In Cyprus – Turn Dreams Into Reality Articles a vacation home or you want to permanently relocate there Cyprus is a great choice for now and the top Boca Raton architects! Since becoming a full member of the EU Cyprus’ growth has been outstanding and its popularity is growing along with it. With the quick development of the expatriate community the value of property in Cyprus is a great investment and a great place to live! You truly can hope for your dreams to come true when buying your home in Cyprus, in fact it is a truth that buy sell cyprus is the buzz phrase all over the island.

Cyprus benefits from a wealth of resources due to its beneficial location with excellent climate, it is also now a member of the European Union, providing highly beneficial advantages in communications, transportations and trade and growth throughout the economy. In fact, the EU is the source of over 50% of trade for Cyprus and over 70% of 2006’s 2.4 million tourists were from the EU. Cyprus is also strongly tied to both the middle east and Africa, all of which helps to understand the increasing interest to buy cyprus property.

Real Estate in Cyprus has been increasing in value over recent years and experts predict that this growth will increase. As more and more houses are constructed, demand is still greater than supply. If you have been considering purchasing property in Cyprus then now is the ideal time to do it: before prices begin to rise steeply. Many property investors have regretted not taking similar opportunities in Spain when the property boom began so do not miss out on the exciting opportunities in Cyprus.

Fortunately, for interested Cyprus property investors, there are a large number of houses and villas all over the island from which to choose. In fact, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming, and, since there are literally hundreds of real estate agents as well as developers in Cyprus, it’s important that you get a handle on the real estate situation there before you begin your search.

Another fortunate aspect of buying Cyprus properties is that many Cypriots speak English as a second language (it’s taught in all the schools). Moreover, since all of the solicitors and property agencies have English-speaking staff, there’s very little likelihood that you’ll experience any communication problems during business transactions. Yet another favorable aspect is that, as a result of Britain’s occupation of Cyprus up until the 1960s, Cyprus’ legal system closely resembles the UK’s legal system.

Two differences that you should be aware of are that as a non-resident of the island it is only permitted for you to own one piece of Cyprus property (although there is a possibility of this changing in the future) and that when buying new Cypriot property, it is quite likely that the title deeds will not be received for up to five years after completion. Importantly this does not prevent the sale of your Cyprus property before the documents are received, in fact some people already sell on their properties before construction is complete.

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