Mini ClickBank Guide – Pick Your Products Like The Pros

If you are anything like me when I started with internet marketing, you feel like you need a guide for everything – a Lsd guide, a WordPress guide… I have come to find though, that complete guides can be costly, and it can be a pain in the butt to find the information that you are looking for in a 100+ page guide. So, I decided to write this mini guide to deal with what all newbies seem to need help with – picking the right product from ClickBank.

There are so many products available, and so many niches to choose from. How do you choose one that will actually sell? A lot of people say that you should look at the gravity and choose the product with the highest gravity. Whatever you do, do not try this! The products with the highest gravity are the products that well established affiliates are selling, and making good money. Ask yourself this, as you are starting out, do you really want the best of the best in internet marketing as your competition? Not if you want to be successful. You can get to the point of promoting the big products later, but for now we want to get you making money!

So, How Do You Choose A Product?

First, make sure that you have chosen a niche. For product research, I like to use a website called ClickBank Analytics found at It is free and gives you access to a lot more information than simply using the ClickBank marketplace. So, where do we start? I recommend that you open up ClickBank Analytics (copy and paste the address above) in a new window and I’ll walk you through it.

Since you have already selected a niche, this part is pretty easy. Choose the sub category that your niche would fall under. They do not list every niche by name, so you may have to search a bit to find your niche. But rest assured, if ClickBank sells it, it will show up on ClickBank analytics.

Another note here. There is a number in parentheses next to each sub-category. This shows the number of products that show up in that category. So, if the category that you think your niche falls under has (0) next to it, you will need to keep looking. When I was last searching, Computing & Internet shows 0 results, where Computers/Internet shows 299 results. Keep looking and you will find the right sub-category.

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