History of Football = Yale Football

The history of football and Yale 스포츠무료중계 are more correlated than even the most devout football fans realize. Yale football has been around since the beginning of football and in many respects the Yale football program is responsible for the current game that is played on high school fields on Friday nights and in NFL stadiums on Sundays.

While many people are aware that football is a modern adaptation of the game rugby (which is interestingly an adaptation of a similar game played by the ancient Greeks) few people realize how the European centric game of the nineteenth century commuted across the pond to eventually become what is by many measures the most popular sport in America.

In the mid-1800s rugby became a popular pastime on many of the New England area based college campuses that would later become known as members of the Ivy League (a distinction created only as recently as 1954).

Chief amongst the rugby enthusiasts were students at Yale, Harvard, and Princeton whose taste for the game was a direct result of the English schooling many pupils had received before enrolling at these American institutions with strong ties to the United Kingdom.

The man widely credited with being the revolutionary of modern American football is Walter Camp, a Connecticut born Yale alum who by the age of only thirty-three had already acquired the title of the “Father of American Football.” Camp was an 1880 graduate of Yale University and would go on to serve as the head coach at Yale from 1888-1891 before moving to the west coast to serve as the first coach at Stanford University.

Camp took over the head coaching position at Stanford in the school’s second season after Stanford played their inaugural 1891 season without a head coach.Without many of the rules that Walter Camp developed while at Yale the game of football would be unrecognizable. Among the many influential adjustments credited to Camp are innovations that include:=

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